Worship has been shortlisted for a PRCA Digital Award

Worship has made the PRCA Digital Awards shortlist

We’re excited to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for a PRCA Digital Award for the Best Use of Reporting and Measurement in a Campaign.

One of our successful data-driven A/B testing campaigns for a client generated a fantastic revenue uplift and increased their online conversions by almost 60%.

We achieved this result with our comprehensive conversion research methodology, which involves analysing multiple sources of insight to understand website users. We gain a deep understanding of users, how they interact with a website and where they drop off in the buying journey. We then create valid A/B test ideas that are backed up by research to address visitors’ problems, improve user experience and boost conversions.

Reporting and measurement are essential to our process, as they enable us to find areas of opportunity on a website, create valid A/B test hypotheses and monitor the impact of changes we make to the site.

We’re proud that our work for a client has been recognised by a prestigious awarding body and we look forward to seeing the results.

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