7 CRO mistakes ecommerce businesses will be making in 2020

We've identified 7 mistakes we still see ecommerce businesses making, download the whitepaper now to find out what they are.


We’ve entered a new decade. One which could be full of opportunities to increase sales on your website, but only if you’re not making these common CRO mistakes.

From auditing multiple ecommerce websites, it’s surprising how many of these businesses are still making CRO mistakes which are relatively easily to rectify.

We’re not perfect of course, we’ve made loads of mistakes and ultimately learned the hard way. Learning from your mistakes is a fundamental part of becoming better at something of course. We’ve all tested dumb stuff or tried to get valid results with insufficient sample sizes, but you realise the mistake quickly and adapt to get better results.

Even experienced people running mature CRO programs can slip into bad habits. Just recently, a prospect told us their previous CRO agency created their test plan using variations that had won for other clients and best practices. We were horrified to hear this – especially given they are a CRO specialist and they weren’t cheap.

It’s very easy to put off fixing these mistakes and continue as usual fighting today’s fires, but there is a huge opportunity cost if you’re doing this. It leaves you open to getting false positives, losing website sales, wasting time, and wasting web development and marketing spend.

Get our whitepaper – 7 CRO mistakes ecommerce businesses are still making in 2020. Give it a read and see if there’s any mistakes on the list you’re guilty of.

If you’ve any questions about this report or about CRO in general, you can email [email protected]. Worship is an award-winning CRO agency based in Manchester, UK.

Lee Preston

17th February 2020

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See the 7 CRO mistakes ecommerce businesses will still be making in 2020

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