The 6 most frustrating things people say about CRO.

The 6 Most Frustrating Things People Say About CRO

Ok, so this is more of a rant than a blog post, but I’m making a serious point. There’s still a lot of misunderstanding about Conversion Rate Optimisation, what it is and how you do it properly. This is a collection of the more frustrating things we hear people saying fairly frequently and our responses… Read More

What is user behaviour? One of our CRO experts explains.

What is User Behaviour?

A website user is a person who is accessing, browsing or interacting with a website, and user behaviour refers to how people use a website. Behaviours include everything from the journey they take through the site to interactions such as clicks. Optimisers can learn a lot from visitors’ behaviour and use the insight to improve… Read More

Heuristic analysis can be a valuable part of the conversion research process.

Heuristic Analysis: How to Evaluate a Website

What is a heuristic analysis? During a heuristic analysis, UX experts identify areas where a website could be leaking profits. Although it’s a subjective research method, it’s carried out by experienced optimisation professionals. When approached with an open and counter-bias mind set, it can be a valuable asset. The evaluation usually has two objectives: To… Read More

What is consumer behaviour and why is it essential for ecommerce businesses to understand it?

What is Consumer Behaviour?

A consumer is someone who buys products or services for their own end-use. The term ‘consumer behaviour’ entered the marketing mainstream in the 1950s, after marketing stopped relying on economics and became a more multi-disciplinary area. From then onwards, the industry welcomed input from other disciplines such as psychology and sociology.   What is consumer… Read More