What is consumer behaviour and why is it essential for ecommerce businesses to understand it?

What is Consumer Behaviour?

A consumer is someone who buys products or services for their own end-use. The term ‘consumer behaviour’ entered the marketing mainstream in the 1950s, after marketing stopped relying on economics and became a more multi-disciplinary area. From then onwards, the industry welcomed input from other disciplines such as psychology and sociology.   What is consumer… Read More

Worship has been nominated for CRO agency of the year at the Northern Ecommerce Awards.

Worship Shortlisted for CRO Agency of the Year

Making the shortlist for CRO Agency of the Year at the Northern Ecommerce Awards is more great news in what’s already been a big year for the Worship team. We celebrated a win at the PRCA Awards in April and were shortlisted at the Drum and Big Chip Awards earlier this year. Conversion rate optimisation… Read More

What is user research? A screenshot from Formisimo, a form tracking tool

What is User Research?

User research is the heart of CRO.  It aims to uncover your audience’s state of mind, needs, motivations, friction points and general behaviour through a series of quantitative and qualitative research methods. This research helps you understand what your users need from your ecommerce website in terms of functionality, usability and appearance. If you haven’t… Read More

Buying Behaviour: Understanding Customer Behaviour to Increase Online Conversions

Do you know how your customers behave when they’re considering whether to buy the types of products you sell? What motivates them to buy from one website and not another? And what keeps customers coming back again and again? While it’s tempting put your faith in those “10 Tips to Get Your Customers to Convert”… Read More