There are many web analytics tools to choose from.

Web Analytics Tools: 6 Popular Tools for Ecommerce Sites

If you run or work on an ecommerce businesses of any size, you need the right web analytics tools at your disposal. Why? Because you need to know what’s working and what’s wasting time and money. Analytics provide valuable insights into how a website is performing, which pages are driving conversions and areas of the… Read More

Getting the Most from CRO: A Project Manager’s Perspective

Having worked on a large number of Conversion Rate Optimisation engagements, we like to think we have a solid idea of how to yield success. It’s never as simple as the engagement succeeding or failing of course. It’s always more nuanced than that. When a business is evaluating the work of their CRO team, their… Read More

The 6 most frustrating things people say about CRO.

The 6 Most Frustrating Things People Say About CRO

Ok, so this is more of a rant than a blog post, but I’m making a serious point. There’s still a lot of misunderstanding about Conversion Rate Optimisation, what it is and how you do it properly. This is a collection of the more frustrating things we hear people saying fairly frequently and our responses… Read More

What is user behaviour? One of our CRO experts explains.

What is User Behaviour?

A website user is a person who is accessing, browsing or interacting with a website, and user behaviour refers to how people use a website. Behaviours include everything from the journey they take through the site to interactions such as clicks. Optimisers can learn a lot from visitors’ behaviour and use the insight to improve… Read More