User Experience

User experience or more specifically, the best possible user experience for your users, is one of the most important factors when someone is deciding whether to buy from you.

If we had a way of calculating all sales that have been lost over the years because a user didn’t like the experience being presented to them, the figure would be gargantuan.

The question is, how do we know what the best possible user experience is for our audience? All audiences are different so how do we find out what our website audience wants?


User experience has to be refined and developed using user insight gathered through in-depth user research and user testing, not best practice which is defined by someone else. Best practice is a starting point, yes, but we have to use real website data generated by real users as they interact with your website to understand where the user journey problems are and where specific improvements can be made.

In this category of our blog, we talk about user experience and how to improve your website’s user experience so it delights your audience and sales increase.

Are you ready to improve your website’s conversion performance?