User Research

User research is central to conversion optimisation and its value shouldn’t be underestimated. When carried out properly, this research unearths the motivations, needs and fears people face when using your website.

How do people behave on your website? How do they perceive your product or service? Where do they experience friction? Can people use the website without thinking? Does it answer all questions and remove all doubt? The answers to these questions start with in-depth user research.

By carrying out comprehensive user research, you can understand where your website is leaking sales and use the data to make changes. A/B testing the hypotheses you form through the research you undertake will enable you to solve problems your users face. Continual data-driven research is the key to growing your online business and retaining customers.

There are lots of research methodologies you can use to gather the data you need about your customers’ behaviour. Our award-winning methodology includes both qualitative and quantitative sources, such as digital analytics, mouse tracking, user testing and surveys.

Without in-depth, data-driven research, your website will lose profit. It’s unlikely that you’ll offer a competitive advantage with a poor user experience that doesn’t meet users where they’re at. The success of the biggest ecommerce brands in the world isn’t merely down to chance. They take the time to find out what their customers actually need to confidently buy from them and they ensure their websites cater to those needs.

In this section of the blog, our CRO experts discuss the importance of user research and how you can use it to optimise your website.

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