Conversion improvement case study for a growing insurance company

How we increased conversion rate by 132% for CORGI HomePlan.

The following conversion rate case study shows how we improved value proposition messaging and user experience helping Corgi HomePlan grow online sales both on mobile and desktop. This work won us an industry award.

Key metrics in this case study are:

  • 120% increase in mobile conversion rate
  • 58% increase in customer sign ups
  • 21% reduction in abandonment at checkout
  • £750,000 in additional revenue in 12 months

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The Problems We Uncovered

One of the biggest problems on the website was that visitors didn’t understand a lot of Corgi’s value proposition and many of the main reasons to buy Corgi’s services were not being clearly communicated.

There were also issues with the way Google Analytics was tracking visitor behaviour on the website which needed to be resolved so we could fully understand and measure interactions.


Conversion rate case study: the original homepage design

The original homepage design


There were points in the conversion journey with large drop-off rates. Visitors were abandoning their purchase at later stages of the journey and we needed to work out why.

Language that was being used by customers wasn’t reflected on the website, so copy needed re-writing to be more customer-focused.

Lastly, the overall visual hierarchy of the website needed to be improved, especially on mobile where lots of important information and calls to action were either being missed or ignored.


Their unique approach removes the guess work from growing online sales. Each of the changes they’ve made and tested so far have resulted in conversion uplifts of 20 – 30%. Fantastic.”  – Simon Parkinson, Marketing Director, Corgi HomePlan


What We did

We used qualitative and quantitative conversion research methodologies to learn more about:

  • how visitors think about insurance and risk
  • how the client is perceived compared to the competition
  • how visitors behave on the website
  • what motivates people to purchase
  • what stops people purchasing


Conversion rate case study: The homepage with many of our winning tests

The homepage with many of our winning tests implemented


We used the insight from our extensive research to build a programme of changes to improve the website copy, the user experience, the overall usability of the website and the communication of the client’s value proposition.

We A/B tested our changes so we could measure the impact in a controlled environment to see if our change had actually grown the client’s business.

The Result

Our changes improved the user experience on the homepage, the comparison page, product pages and the checkout, with consistent increases in conversion rate for all device types.

Key metrics we’ve improved are:

  • 120% increase in mobile conversion rate
  • 58% increase in customer sign ups
  • 21% reduction in abandonment at checkout
  • £750,000 in additional revenue in 12 months

Our work has helped us gain a deeper understanding of the way customers think about and purchase this service and that can now be fed into Corgi’s future marketing communications and customer onboarding activity.

Gaining a better understanding of CORGI’s visitors through data-driven research and A/B testing has helped us make better decisions about where to focus our energy and the client’s development budget.

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Nina Mack

4th January 2021

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