CRO Training

Upskill your team so they can deliver effective conversion optimisation and get amazing results.

CRO Training


Our CRO training programme has been developed through years of experience and hard work in CRO.  We’ve learnt the hard way and put together a CRO training programme so you don’t have to. 

We’re an award-winning team with 5 years’ experience in CRO, and more specifically delivering conversion optimisation services to a wide range of clients, from large ecommerce businesses to UK banks. 

We offer CRO training alongside actually doing CRO for clients. That means the training you get is based on real-world experience gained by doing the job.

Our CRO training programme is designed to teach you everything you need to know to be able to do CRO properly, from understanding customer behaviour to running effective experiments.


“We cover the complete CRO process including how to gather insight, how to prioritise, CRO strategy, how to run tests, common CRO pitfalls, how to share results with stakeholders and most perhaps most importantly, how to show value and sell in further optimisation activity to the people in charge.” – Nina Mack, Worship MD  


As well as the learning modules we have created, our programme includes two pieces of coursework which enable students to get hands on experience and feedback from our team of CRO experts.


CRO Training Course Outline

Foundations & Fundamentals

  • What CRO is and is not
  • Common misconceptions
  • CRO best practice
  • User experience design
  • Copywriting
  • Usability
  • The psychology of persuasion
  • The CRO process


Conversion Research

  • Introducing data-driven research
  • Research methodologies
  • How to process findings


Testing & Measurement

  • Testing strategy
  • Prioritisation models
  • Creating hypotheses
  • Common testing mistakes to avoid
  • Setting up experiments
  • Building variations
  • Running tests
  • Analysing test data
  • Iterating
  • Sharing results with stakeholders


Remote or Face to Face Training

We can deliver our CRO training remotely or in person depending on your location and the number of people who need training.


CRO Training Prices

For prices on our CRO training programme, please call 0161 236 1188 or email [email protected].

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