User Behaviour Analytics

User behaviour analytics is the process of gathering and analysing data on how people behave online.

User behaviour analytics


In order to improve website user experience and website conversions, we gather and analyse data. User behaviour analysis enables our team to identify trends and implement improvements. The result is a great user experience and more website conversions. There are many ways we can gather data on user behaviour but some of the common sources are:

  • Google Analytics
  • Research tools that track heatmaps and scroll maps
  • Research tools that record sessions and journeys 

In order to gather this data we first perform a Google Analytics healthcheck so we can see how GA has been set up and if there are any gaps in tracking.

Once we have identified and corrected any problems with the setup, we can start gathering insight which helps us build a picture of the way users are behaving on your website. 

Insight from user behaviour analytics

When we combine insight extracted from heatmaps, scroll maps, session recordings and journeys then we can start to understand more around what’s happening on your website, so that we can answer questions such as:

  • How are people finding the products or information they need?
  • How does the behaviour of people who convert differ from the behaviour of people who leave without converting?
  • Where do people drop off on the conversion journey?
  • How do the different journeys people take impact behaviour?
  • How do people interact with certain content and elements?

Timescales and deliverables of our user behaviour analytics service

Once we have been through the onboarding process (usually done in the first week of the project), we embark on the process of gathering data in order to build a picture of user behaviour.

Getting to a point where we can present our findings can take anything from 1 to 3 months depending on how much traffic the website receives. 

You will get a comprehensive report from our team with actionable insight which can be used to feed into more research and analysis or form the basis of a testing programme.

Next steps after user behaviour analytics 

When we have an understanding of key aspects of website visitor behaviour, we can start to validate this data by conducting qualitative user research to understand exactly why people are behaving in this way. 

Combining user behaviour analytics with qualitative research findings allows us to form hypotheses which can be A/B tested

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