User Research

User research helps us understand what’s important to users and how they behave.



“A fresh set of eyes from the experts at Worship lifted the lid on our website and customer experience. It has removed internal debate and design by committee. We now have an action plan to improve conversions that has been led by the voice of the customer.” – Matt Poyser, inniAccounts


User research is an ongoing process which can continually deliver valuable information into any business seeking to improve its website conversions and user satisfaction.

The insight revealed by user testing can be fed into the wider business to help inform decisions around pricing, products or services, marketing and brand.

Our user research process seeks to understand and reveal insight on:

  • The way users behave on your website
  • Users’ conscious and unconscious needs
  • The way people feel when using your website
  • The buying choices people have when buying your product or service
  • Users’ motivation and drivers
  • The way people behave before, during and after purchasing your product

We use a range of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies including:

  • Surveys and polls
  • User testing
  • Interviews
  • Web analytics data
  • Session recordings
  • Call listening and chat logs

We analyse the data we gather during our user research in order to find and prioritise opportunities to better meet the needs of users, provide a website experience which is persuasive and removes all doubts.

Would you like to better understand what users need? Talk to us.