UX Design

UX design is the process of creating a website experience which enables users to complete tasks in a way that leaves them satisfied and happy.

ux design


UX design is the process of creating a user experience which meets the needs of users and enables them to complete tasks with as little effort as possible, we have to understand users’ ever-evolving needs through in-depth user research and feedback through user testing and A/B testing.

People often say UX when they mean usability or interface design, but it’s important to recognise that user experience design comprises a collection of disciplines including:

  • Usability
  • Accessibility
  • Interface design
  • Copy and imagery
  • User journey and navigation

Our UX design process

The process of designing a user experience starts with research and analysis to understand current website behaviour including struggles, unanswered questions, usability issues, accessibility issues, high drop-off areas, and inefficient navigation or unnecessary steps in a journey.

We also undertake user research to understand more about how users behave both before and after purchasing the product or service in question, their needs and thought processes.

Once we know what’s happening on the current website and what users need, we can rethink the user experience, solving problems and enhancing the experience as we go.

If it’s a radical redesign then we create a high-fidelity wireframe prototype on which we undertake user testing to get early feedback.

We tweak and iterate until we’re happy with the prototype and then we embark on design where we add colours, typefaces, imagery and all the creative flourishes which bring the experience to life.

If it’s UX design for an A/B test variation, we use fast feedback mechanisms to understand if we’ve solved the problem and then the variation goes to the development team to be built and quality assurance tested.

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