Focus on the user, focus on the results

Planning a user journey which is centered around the needs of a site’s primary user types is central to the success of most of our clients’ projects.

Simply put, a user journey is the route that a user may take in order to reach their goals when using a website or web application.

We have to make it as easy as possible for a user to achieve their goals but we mustn’t forget the client’s goals. We want the site to be user-focused and results-focused. That said, if you do a good job of the user-focused bit, it often leads nicely into the results-focused bit. In other words, if we build it [in a user-focused way], they will come. Was it Field of Dreams where Kevin Costner said that?

By putting your users’ needs first you communicate that you’re a customer-focused business. You’re saying ‘we care about your experience with us and we understand your needs’ without actually having a big banner on the homepage with those words spelled out.

By showing your users a nice time and satisfying them on the site, you’re showing them what it would be like if they actually bought something from you.

Ultimately, you’re building trust, the lynch pin of all marketing communications.

Nina Mack

24th April 2013

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