Technology is developing at an exponential rate and with it, so is user behavior. It is important to understand how technology is changing, what impact it has on people’s lives and, how it will affect the performance of your website.

Only a few years ago a website for desktop was enough but with mobiles and tablets being so easily accessible, companies need to ensure that their websites are fast and responsive for great user experience. Many companies now have a mobile app to compliment their responsive website as well as a multitude of tracking software to fully understand how their websites are being used.

Kindling our digital consumption

When the compact disc took a beating at the hands of the mighty MP3, many commentators noted that the digital revolution in music would soon be duplicated across other sectors in the entertainment industry. So much so, you could almost hear the humble paperback quaking on its shelf. So, perhaps it’s no surprise to hear… Read More

Why Microsoft’s tablet has much beneath the Surface

Last month at a Los Angeles press conference Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in an almost Steve Jobs-style announcement unveiled the Company’s first own-branded tablet, Surface. The much-anticipated launch was shrouded in secrecy in another similarity to Apple, with the device reportedly developed in an underground bunker to begin with before being moved to a building… Read More

Computing in schools

A report last year by the education regulator Ofsted revealed that computer lessons in schools are inadequate, failing to equip students with skills that are relevant in the modern workplace. Subjects such as Information and Communications technology (ICT) were deemed to have fallen below standards in 20% of Secondary Schools in England. Particular areas of… Read More

What’s in store for 2012?

As 2012 begins, we cast an eye to the next 12 months to predict what online and tech developments are in store. Tablets in, Netbooks out 2011 saw a huge growth in tablet market and in the next 12 months it is predicted to grow even further as the iPad and Kindle Fire continue to… Read More