UX consultant – what they do and their role in CRO

A user experience (UX) consultant can play a huge role within a company through user research and problem solving.


What is a UX consultant?

A user experience (UX) consultant is concerned with improving the user experience of a website or application using research and analysis to understand what’s best for a particular audience or user group.

What does a user experience consultant do?

A consultant is hired to make websites more user-friendly, generally by identifying UX issues and solving these issues. More specifically, they will:

  • Help clients better understand their users by presenting data around user behaviour, customer journey mapping, empathy mapping, and developing behavioural personas.
  • Conduct user research on existing user journeys to identify UX issues and areas for improvement
  • Sketch and wireframe improved versions of experiences.
  • Prototype and test improved versions of experiences, either A/B testing or conducting further UX research via user testing videos and user feedback.
  • Liaising with UX designers in order to create iterations on the original experience
  • Develop a UX strategy that will guide the business towards integrating UX into every decision
  • Create design systems that help to maintain consistency in any design, see gov.uk’s design system for an idea of what this is

How is a UX consultant different than a UX designer?

A UX designer is typically asked to solve a problem via design, whilst the UX consultant will identify the problem in the first place via research, and then seek to solve the problem, but generally without the design element. So there is a strong overlap of skills and knowledge between both roles and including both roles on a project can really help to create a well thought-out solution.

Source: Nomensa

How can a UX consultant help you improve conversions?

Improving experience will generally  help improve conversions because great user experience means that a person on your website is able to flow through your website easily, and have a positive experience without frustration, confusion, or distractions and not face unnecessary friction.

If you improved the experience of using your checkout or signup process by making every little bit much easier to use, and making it a joy to use, then more people are going to complete the process, therefore you’ll have more customers.

Because UX can also help you to understand your customers better, this will then influence higher level decisions about company direction, new products and services which will (if successful) grow revenue and conversions.

You’ll find that in most cases, a UX consultant will be able to find faults in your current UX process and improve conversion rate. Regardless of who does the initial research analysis though, a/b testing changes to understand impact is important.

If you’d like to talk about UX consultancy then Worship can help. You can get in touch with us on [email protected] or 0161 713 2434 to learn how we can support your UX efforts.


Lee Preston

3rd October 2019

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